Wednesday, December 4, 2013

€5 Absolutely Free To Play Slots

 - Get 5 Euros free no deposit required, this bonus comes through and can allow new players to try out the most popular online slot machine games such as Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Book of Ra Deluxe and many others.

€5 Absolutely Free

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fantastic new Sizzling Hot promotions, tips, tricks and places where to play are fully reviewed at the Deluxe slot machine blog visit for more useful information.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New: Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Just read an interesting blog at Sizzling Hot Deluxe this site is very similar just like my blog, focuses on slot games as well.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where to play the game Sizzling hot, online?

 There are hundreds of casinos sites out there but so far i only found two worth mentioning, gaming sites that list the most popular slot games not only sizzling hot in particular. The game sizzling hot is available at Quasar Gaming and StarGames as well, for each game listed there are several versions and virtual machines. For example if you want to see others at play you can do it in the online version as well, just like in real land casinos. Furthermore any new player can get generous bonuses at these sites, just like any traditional online casino game site. The name of the game "Sizzling Hot" originates from the winning screen (when the player manages to win by getting the right combination)  when the symbols (fruits and numbers) catch fire and look sizzling hot.

 - Just like any other casino game Sizzling Hot can be player for real money, or just for fun. For those looking for a free way to play the game there are several alternatives like flash gaming sites however these sites do not allow to keep track of your score or winnings. What makes Sizzling Hot much more interesting and worth playing is money of course. Sizzling hot can become a very balanced and attractive gambling slot game. Whenever the word slot machine is mentioned many players think of sizzling hot game with fruit symbols automatically.

 - Play Sizzling hot at StarGames and get 100 Euro bonus.

StarGames offers a wide variety of slot machine games and casino table games. Casino games include Fruit Sensation, Globe Roulette, Book of Ra deluxe, Sizzling Hot deluxe and many others. Table games include Ace Solitaire, Belote, Blackjack Duel, Jass, Jolly, Hearts, Skat, Solitaire. Board games include Backgammon, Yatzi, Domino, Rummyclub and others newer. Stargames also gives 100 euro bonus (50% up to 100$) on first deposit.

Quasar gaming platform offers the similar games as StarGames. The welcome bonus however is bigger: new players get 200 euro welcome bonus on the first deposit. The first depositor bonus is calculated 50% up to 200 Euros or equivalent. To get the bonus is necessary to make a deposit. The minimum deposit is only 20 Euros at Quasar gaming.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

About Sizzling Hot the game

 The popularity of online casino and slot games is getting higher and higher by each day. Slot players are choosing the online version of these games instead of land based casinos and there are several good reasons for doing this, first of all anyone can play from the comfort of their home for as long as they want, whenever they want. Online casino portals also have a higher RTP (money returned) rate than the classic local casinos, thus winning occurs more often. The development of online slot games has reached the point when all classic games can be found online, and also this is the  reason for making Novomatic so popular, they developed most of the popular slot games played today such as Sizzling Hot game that uses fresh looking fruit symbols as distinctive feature.

The game Sizzling Hot is a very popular and successful 5 reel 5 line slot machine game. The game is very dynamic and addictive, the winnings can be doubled anytime, and probably this feature makes it so popular. In order to obtain a win the player must get at least 2 or more symbols of the same type starting from the left reel following to the right.
Screen with the paytable of Sizzling Hot online game.
The paytable can be viewed anytime.
Every time a win occurs in Sizzling Hot its highlighted with red.
The highest possible win combination
is made out of lucky sevens.
The gambling can be started after each win, guessing
the right color of the card will double the current winnings.

The gambling can be started after each win, guessing the right color of the card will double the current winnings. So now everyone should know what i am talking about, all the above images are taken from the online version of Sizzling Hot deluxe online (click here) as you can see each win is highlighted with red tiles, the highest possible win combination is made of 7`s. The name Sizzling Hot comes from the win sequence, once the ultimate win appears the symbols catch fire and become sizzling hot.

Sizzling hot can definitely be that game that keeps you in front of the monitor for long hours, even if you play for fun. It is also a very efficient way to gamble and this is the main reason fro its popularity.